In the Return Post: The Future of Print Direct Marketing in the Age of Social Media

1Social media has revolutionised the way in which companies approach direct marketing. I’m sure we’ve all heard of the crazy new gimmicks brands are trying to bring in new customers; adverts inserted into the backgrounds of old movies, billboards in computer games, etc. So have Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, You Tube and the numerous other social networks essentially killed off the use or need for Printed Direct Mail? Some marketers think so referring to this as some sort of “Digital Age Darwinism” suggesting that print direct mail is being pushed aside by social media as it is expensive, time consuming and isn’t well received by audiences.

There can be no question that companies are starting to realise that purchasing data lists and then dispatching poorly targeted promotional printed items to a large audience. For more information visit at

Custom Banner Printing For Marketing Success

3Banner printing is an effective method to communicate your marketing message to your existing and potential customers. They are very inexpensive and can be afforded even by a small marketer. It is possible to customize banners without much effort to suit the marketing requirements of both small and big businesses alike. Custom banner printing helps in making your presence known in the market and in the business world.

How can you use custom banners for business promotion?

Custom banner printing provides a lot of freedom and flexibility in banner printing. Businesses and marketers can use the custom banner printing techniques in a lot of ways to promote their business or marketing objectives. Whether it is for providing publicity to a new marketingcampaign or a unique event, for advertising a discount or annual sale, custom banner printing is the simplest banner printing solution that makes the marketing and advertising efforts effective and convenient. Given below are a few ways in which you can use custom banner printing for promoting marketing and sales, and business in general.

  • You can use custom banner printing techniques to reach out to your present and future customers and clients. It is a very popular method to use banners to promote and sell products or services.
  • It is also possible to use custom banner printing to convey a special message to a dear one. For example, the most romantic types may use a banner printing service to express his or her feelings to their spouses or to propose to them in a unique and special way.
  • Banner printing can be adopted for identifying products. Customers can easily spot items in a large department store with the help of custom banners.
  • Educational institutions have been loyal customers of custom banners. At the time of new admissions, to announce events, sports meets, and other academic and extra curricular activities, these organizations depend on custom banner printing to create a unique appeal. Custom banner printing is especially useful when they want to make their presence felt with the help of identifying colors and logos displayed through custom banners.
  • The release of new movies, award functions, and other movie business related activities are advertised through custom banner printing methods.

Promotional Printing and Marketing in Anaheim

2Anaheim, California has evolved into a more civilized and economically developed town since the time when German settlers gave its name in the 1950′s. Many industries and businesses were put up including agriculture, automotive services, healthcare, food, financial and many others. If you’re looking for an opportunity to market your products and services in the city or you’ve already started your business in the place and want to reach out to a wider audience, you better resort to the popular and effective way of printing promotional materials like postcards and brochures. To get started, you may consider these tips:

  1. Maximize the use of your prints. Your postcards may have a different copy or content compared to your brochures but it’s important to have consistency with the design concept and brand. Since brochures can be folded and can have many pages, you may use the prints for a larger scale of information. Postcards on the other hand, can contain lesser text but more visuals and graphics. Your prints could be sent through mail (these can be self mailers or brochures can be inserts to your postcard mail pieces).
  2. Print enough quantity. You may think that because the city of Anaheim is California’s 10th most populous city, you have to print as many postcards or brochures as possible to reach a wide market. Keep in mind that you still have to segment the market and focus on those who really need your products and services.

  3. Effective Design.It is said that the city boasts world-class companies like Boeing and Walt Disney Company. This means that you have to be competitive when it comes to marketing (for strategies and creative concepts). Full color printing of brochures and postcards would never be complete without a creative and appealing design that would bring in more sales.